Custom Messages

The custom message feature will allow you to remind your clients of pre-appointment preparations, events coming up, construction around your business, and etc. Tailor the cancellation policy, OCS login message and the email itineraries and confirmations according to your business.
  1. Manage > Advanced Settings > Custom Messages
  2. Click on Manage located under Custom Messages
  1. Cancellation Policy: This message will display to your clients when they cancel an appointment online

For more information on your Cancellation Policy, please visit the article

    OCS Login Message: This message will appear to clients upon logging in to their online client scheduling account
  1. Type your OCS login message in the dialogue box. Use the tool bar at the top to make your message stand out
For further information on online client scheduling settings please visit our article          
    Appointment Itinerary & Confirmation Email Message: This message will be displayed to clients in your appointment itinerary and confirmation emails underneath the defaulted confirmation or itinerary message

  1. Type your custom message in the dialogue box. Use the tool bar at the top to customize
  2. Use the Save & Preview button to see what it will look like on an itinerary or confirmation email
For further information on Email & Text Communication please visit the article          



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