Troubleshooting Credit Card Swiper

We understand how crucial it is that your client gets checked out in a timely fashion; both for the experience of your client and for your business. This article will assist you in making sure the connection of your card reader and computer is ready to go!
Mac Computers
On Mac computers your device will need to recognize the card reader as an additional keyboard. Here is how to check this:
  1. Make sure card swiper is plugged into Mac
  2. Go to System Preferences
  3. Click on Keyboards
  1. Choose Change Keyboard Type
Note: In order to see the ‘Change Keyboard Type’ the card swiper should be plugged in.
  1. Click Continue
  2. Message will appear asking for a key to be pressed
  1. Swipe a card to test.
  2. Choose Us Language: ANSI (United States and Others)
     9. Click Done
Windows Computers
  1. To begin troubleshooting click on this MagTEK tool
  2. Click on the Software icon
     3. Scroll down to Demo Program section. Click Download
    4. When the download is complete and you open it, it will ask you to ‘Attach Device’, try  unplugging/plugging in the credit card swiper again.


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