How to check out with Bolt Terminal

Bolt is a device encrypted by CardConnect in order to secure payment acceptance with your SalonRunner account. All BOLT devices are integrated with: Maximum PCI scope reduction, Point-to-Point Encryption, Tokenization and EMV. YES! This means it accepts cards with the chip!
Before you start processing transactions using BOLT please make sure you have everything on in the checklist:
  • You have a merchant account with Card Connect and it has been integrated with SalonRunner
  • You have your BOLT Swiper/device
  • BOLT has been turned on in the Credit Card Processing Setup Page
  • The bottom of the BOLT terminal screen should say BOLTED
Checking the Client Out:
  1. Make sure all services, products and any specials have been added to the sales ticket. Need more information on how to prepare a sales ticket? Check out this link!     
  2.  When the ticket is ready, go to Collect Payment

3.  Click on Pay By Card

    → Terminal: If you business has more than one BOLT terminal, you will have to choose under which one you would like to process. The terminal chosen will default the next time on the computer, tablet and/or phone that you are on.
   → The card that is being used for this transaction can be saved for future use
   → Amount: This is the total amount of the ticket. This will include tip if it was added in manually in the collect payment screen.
  → Click on Finalize Payment to move to the next step and process the card.


Front Desk View on Checkout Device


A message will appear on your screen letting you know that the client needs to enter the tip.

A message will appear on your screen letting you know that the client needs to confirm the grand total. They should choose enter to confirm.

Client should Swipe or Insert Card with Chip on the Terminal.

Client will be asked for their signature. After they should tap on the Enter button to process the card.

You will see a “Transaction was successfully processed” message. Hit OK

Client View on Terminal

The Client will be asked to enter a tip for the employee. The service price and tip suggestions by percentages will show on the terminal. The client should add the tip and hit Enter

The client will be asked to confirm the total amount of the sale and the tip will be included in the grand total. They should choose Enter to confirm.

Client should Swipe or Insert card with Chip on the terminal

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