Rewards & Referrals

To start Configuring your Reward Program: Manage>Advanced Settings>Rewards
One reward point is equal to one cent ($0.01) in future redeemable value. Points are only redeemable 24 hours after they are earned (this is a fraud prevention measure).
You can set the minimum redemption amount in whole dollars as low as $1 or as high as you want. To pause or stop reward redemptions, set minimum redemption amount to zero.
In this example, a customer can redeem their points once they have earned $5 (500 points) and waited at least 24 hours.

Next, click a client action to activate and define related rewards amounts. For the actions that are not transactional (Client Referral, Online Client Scheduling Appointment, Prebooked Appointment, and Product Reservation), rewards are earned per action.
For the transactional actions (Package/Membership Purchases, Retail Purchases, Service Purchases), rewards are earned PER DOLLAR.
In the example below, when a customer purchases a haircut, they will earn 2 points per dollar. If a haircut costs $100, 200 points will be earned.
Configuring a Reward:
To make an action eligible for rewards, check the box next to "Active," or uncheck to disable a related rewards.
If active, enter the number of points to earn per Instance (or Dollar) and click Save.

How to check the balance of a client's rewards:
When you need to see what the Points Balance of the client’s points are whether pending or redeemable you will be able to see both options on the Client Log.
Manage>Clients>Search by Name or Phone>Client Log>Rewards
Schedule>Client Appointment>Client Log

How to redeem rewards:
When a client is ready to redeem the awarded points you will do so on the collect payment screen.
The ticket total must be more than the points being redeemed.
Sales Ticket>Collect Payment>Redeem button>Payment Type>Finish

*Needing to adjust a service/product price after a ticket has been closed it also adjusts the points given.
*A client creates an online appointment/product reservation they will only receive points once the transaction has closed.  
*Merging two client records the points will merge as well.
*On sold package/membership points are only given for the sale of the package/membership not the services.
*If there is a discount on a service/product points awarded will be on the discounted amount.
Referrals will Grow your Client base by letting your Clients refer their friends and family.
This can be found in all client cards under Referred By: this is a client search box and after saved can not be changed.


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