Client Connect - Auto Email Campaigns

Wish your clients a Happy Birthday! Tell them how much you miss them! Remind them they’re running low on their favorite product(s)! Thank them for coming in to see you!
Your Automatic Email Campaigns give you the option of doing that all

How to set up your Auto Email Campaigns:

  1. Start by clicking on the SalonInteractive tab at the top of your software

  2. Select Auto Email Campaigns under the Client Connect drop-down

  1. You have the option of choosing a template created by your Brand or Distributor (if you are affiliated with one), or choose from one of our Standard Templates with the ability to further customize
  1. Once your template is selected, you will click “Get Started” above the selected template
  2. Before creating the body of the email choose when you would like the email to be sent out. In the example below, you are choosing how many days the email is sent to a client before their Birthday

  1. If preferred, edit your campaign body to include whatever you would like in addition to the template (We typically recommend placing anything extra underneath the image)
  2. Once you are pleased with how your email looks, check the Active box at the top of the page
    If you wish to use any Headers & Footers you have set up, check the Use my header and/or Use my footer boxes at the top as well

  3. Click the Save icon then the Preview  icon (clicking the Preview icon will allow you to view the email in both Desktop and Mobile modes to ensure the email looks good using either device)
    Next, you’ll click either the Done icon at the top of the page

  4. If you wish you view the email how your clients will receive it, you can click on the Test icon upon editing the email or next to the email on the Auto Email Campaigns page
If you wish to start over/reset a campaign at any point:
  1. Click on the Edit icon next to a campaign
  2. Click on the red/orange Reset this Campaign and Start Over button at the bottom of the page  

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