Inventory Brands, Distributors, Product Groups SW

Before entering individual products, you will enter background data on the Brands, Distributors and product groups you use. Brands: These are the companies who make the products you use Optional: Enter all inf...

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Adding or Editing Products

Adding a New Product: Manage>Inventory>Products>New Product Please enter the information in the fields. Fields in Red are required. 1. Name: This will be the description of the product. *Ex. D...

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Add/Edit Brands and Distributors

The process is the same for Brands and Distributors. Proceed to: Manage> Inventory> Brand or Distributor EDIT… 1. Click the name of the Brand or Distributor you wish to edit. 2. The brand “Sort...

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Add/Edit a Product Group

Product Groups are categories that organize your inventory for convenient access in ordering and reporting. All the individual products you carry must fit into one of the groups you create. EDIT a Product Group...

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Place Online Order

Manage>Inventory>Orders Click New Order Select the Product Type and Brand Click Create Order Note: The order amount for each product will be the difference between your target quantity and what...

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