Adding or Editing Employee

Proceed to: Manage > Basic Settings > Employees

Add a New Employee

·        Enter name and contact information, including mobile phone number and provider if you want this employee to receive text messages regarding schedule changes
·        Proceed to Permissions

·        If this employee will be using the software, enter a unique username and password.
   You may leave this section blank if the employee will not be using login to the software
·       Select a Security Setting from the drop-down box for their Role. This determines what parts of the software this employee has access to.
Properties for each Role and permission
·        Enabling individual permissions will allow you to select what you want that employee to have access to

·        Proceed to the Settings tab

·        Select “Yes” for employees who Perform Services. Select “No” for others such as a receptionist or back room employee who does not appear on the schedule
·        Track Retail Sales keeps track of this employee’s retail sales for commissions/totals
·        Track Employee Tips: Click “Yes” if employee accepts tips  

·        Uses Time Clock: Click "Yes" if employee will be clocking in and out or "No" if they are commission employee
·        Service Commission: Fill in a whole number only if the employee gets a commission on service sales
 ·       Retail Commission: Fill in a number only if the employee gets a commission on retail sales
·        Do not skip the Hire Date
·        Proceed to the Schedule & Hours tab

Schedule & Hours:
These are the hours this service provider is available for appointments to be scheduled.
·        Selected times must fall within the hours you chose in Business Settings

·        Click Save then click Done
    Repeat for all employees by clicking Add New Employee

Note: Employees can now be dragged and dropped to create the order they are listed on the schedule.  When a new employee is created they will automatically be assigned to the last position and before any terminated employees

How to Assign Services:
·        Click on the Available tab
·        Check all the services this employee will perform
·        Enter the Price you charge for this employee to perform each service
·        Enter Duration and Process Time for each service. Duration is the amount of time needed to perform the service
·        Please Note: For a service with a process time, if you want the employee to be free to perform another service during the process time, you must divide the total time between Duration and Process. Only Duration time will be booked.
·        Example: A service that takes 90 minutes

total has a process time of 45 minutes. You will enter 45 minutes in Duration and 45 minutes in Process to add up to the total 90 minutes. This service will be booked on the schedule as 45 minutes to allow the employee to schedule another service during the 45 minute process time
·        Or if you wish, you can program the entire 90 in Duration and none in Process, so the entire time will be blocked out on the schedule
·        Click Save

How to use the Copy Tab:
When assigning the same services to more than one employee, you can save time by copying some or all of the information from another employee’s record.
·        Click on the Copy tab
·        Using the drop-down box, select the employee you want to copy from
·        Choose one of three options:
       - Copy only the services which haven’t already been checked for the employee record you’re working on
       - Copy the above plus update the services which have already been assigned
       - Remove all existing services from this record and replace them with the services from the selected employee
·        Click Submit. If you’re sure you want to copy the services, select Yes in the pop-up and the services will be added

·        If you charge a different price for this employee to perform a service, you may change the Price field
·        If the Duration time is longer or shorter for this employee to perform a service, you may change it now
·        Click Save
·        When all of your service providers have been assigned services, click Done

Using the Notes Field:
There is now an area within each employee profile to add arbitrary notes about that employee (i.e License Expiration Date, etc)
·        IMPORTANT: Once you add an employee note, it cannot be deleted or edited!

For instructions on how to Terminate an Employee please follow the link


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