Adding or Editing Products

Adding a New Product:

 Manage>Inventory>Products>New Product

Please enter the information in the fields. Fields in Red are required.

1. Name: This will be the description of the product.
    *Ex. Deep Cleansing Shampoo
2. Brand: The company that makes the product. Select from the drop-down box.
    *Note: Brands should be entered prior to adding new products. Here is how to add Brands.
3. Product Group: These are categories that organize your inventory.
    *Ex. Styling, Shampoo. Conditioner, color
    *Note: Product Groups should be entered prior to adding new products. Here is how to add product groups.
4. SKU: Can be the same as a UPC or a distributor code
5. UPC (barcode): This is the 12-digit number on the product container. To save time and insure accuracy, it can be scanned in if you use a scanner.
6. Size: Size should be entered to differentiate the product to other sizes of the same product. Size unit should be entered in this field as well
    *Ex. 2.5 oz, 1 each, large
7. Taxable: Will this product be taxed? Yes or No
8. Retail:  Will this product be retail or professional. If it is retail it should be set to YES. If the product is professional it should be set to NO.
9. Active: This will determine the status of the product. Typically, should be set to Yes if it is going to be sold or used in your business.
10. Salon Cost: Your cost. What you paid for the product.
11. Retail Cost: Client’s cost. What your client will pay for the product.
12. On Hand Quantity: The physical product count that is on your shelves.
13. Target Quantity: Quantity you want on the shelves to cover potential sales.
14. Use Up Time (Days): Average length of time to use up a product. This can be used for suggestive selling.

*Ex. If a client purchases a shampoo that has a use up time of 28 days. When they come back and if 28 days have passed or more you will receive a notification asking your client if they need to purchase more of that product.

15. SAVE

Editing a Product:
1. Manage>Inventory>Products
2. Click on the product you need to edit.
3. Adjust the fields.



Product_Template.xls Product_Template.xls

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