Importing Clients into your software

Import from an Excel Spreadsheet
If your client database is available as an Excel spreadsheet with properly titled columns and the ability to save to your computer, you can import it into the software.

Once the data is ready, save the file to your computer as: CLIENTTEMP(your business ID).
Example: CLIENTTEMP12345

To Upload the File into Your Software:

Proceed to: Manage > Basic Settings > Guided Setup

1. Click Continue on the left
2. Save and Continue bottom left
3. Done with Services bottom left
4. Done with Employees bottom left
5. Skip Product Inventory bottom left
6. Click the import it into the software link

7.  Under Select a File to Upload, click Browse and select the CLIENTTEMP file

8.  Double check the sample results from the upload for your review. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to move from left to right to check all information 

9.  If everything looks correct, click Import Clients

If you are having trouble with uploading your clients, please Create a Case and attach your completed client file.

If you uploaded incorrect information or just did it incorrectly please send in a support conversation with what is incorrect and we can help direct you on how to fix it.


Client-Upload-Template.xlsx Client-Upload-Template.xlsx

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