Add/Edit Brands and Distributors

The process is the same for Brands and Distributors.

Proceed to: Manage> Inventory> Brand or Distributor

1.     Click the name of the Brand or Distributor you wish to edit.
2.     The brand “Sort Order” is the order in which this brand will appear on your inventory reports. You’ll want the ones you use most to be first, second, etc.
3.     Change the field(s) you wish and Save.

Adding a new brand and/or distributor.
Proceed to: Manage> Inventory> brand or distributor
1.     Click the “Add a New brand” or “Add a New distributor” button.
2.    Distributors are the companies from whom you order your products. Some may be the same as the brand and must be entered on both forms.
3.     Enter the information and click Save.
4.     There are no required fields except “Name,” but you’ll find it useful to have a complete record when ordering products. Complete as much of the form as you can.

DELETE a brand or distributor…

You will only be able to delete a brand when there are not products attached to that brand.

Deleting a distributor does not influence your products or inventory records.
1.     Click the name of the brand or distributor you wish to delete.
2.     On the screen that comes up, click Delete.
Note: A distributor can only be deleted if you have not placed an order with that particular distributor.



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