OCS Directory

The OCS Directory is a part of your Online Client Scheduling where clients can view your Service Providers and Booth Renters on one page then be taken to the appropriate OCS login page.
Manage>OCS Settings:

It is recommended to fill out the description and upload a profile picture for your employees if you are planning on using the OCS Directory.

The file must be a png, jpg or gif and cannot be larger than 200 pixels high and 150 pixels wide. We recommend png or gif, as jpg files can be too large to work with. To convert a jpg to a more manageable file, go to: Converter. For best viewing, the image should have a maximum height of 200 pixels and we recommend Portrait Picture.

*Booth Renters manage their own OCS Directory to connect to the Owners OCS DIrectory. This allows the Booth Renter to show themselves on the OCS, edit their description, and edit their Profile Picture. This is done in the Booth Renters account.

Preview of OCS Directory Link:

How to edit Employee Profile Picture:
Manage>Basic Settings>Employees>Choose Employee>Uploads

 Haven’t set up your Online Scheduling, here is a walk through on OCS Settings!

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