Scheduling an Appointment Outside of Normal Business Hours

Manage > Basic Settings > Business Settings > Scheduling Hours

1. Keep these Business Hours extended to the earliest possible a client could be taken by any employee, and the latest time possible a client could be finished.
With this extended past normal business hours, you can open time that is typically closed on the schedule for any employee that chooses to service a client earlier or later!
Note: If the employee's scheduling hours have not been opened, this will not look like an available opening to the clients scheduling online!

2. Go to your Schedule

3. Click on the grayed-out area where it says "Not Working" at the time the employee wishes to start

4.  Choose the number of hours the employee will be open/servicing their client for from the “Open Up Time Block” drop-down

5. Click Open

The employee's column is now open and an appointment can be scheduled!

This process goes hand-in-hand with presetting an employee's schedule for inconsistent weekly hours. Click here for more!


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